2019 Paint Outs

Summer & Fall

Celestial Farm


August 30TH & August 31ST 8:30-2

Although this is a free paint out event to attend, Celestial Farms is asking for a small donation. The Farm is run only on donations and volunteer’s. Celestial will greatly appreciate your donations.

Celestial Farm does have variety of plants and vegetables for sale!

Free – parking – Their is a large picnic pavilion in case of poor weather. Welcomed to bring a bag lunch – several portable bathrooms are available through out the farm. Feel free to wonder around the farm. Be prepared for unclose experience to Farm Animals. All Farm Animal Pens are off limits. With the EXCEPTION of the RABBIT PEN. You might not like to roll around and play with the hogs.

You will freely be able to paint on the premise. However, they asked for you not to be in the animals pens. The only exception is the rabbit area. Be prepared for ducks and wild life walking up to you.

Celestial Farm is run on Donations. The Funds are for the rescue animals and is in need of the communities assistance. If doable, we are encouraging a small donation toward the rescue animals. Celestial Farms will appreciate your help.

Celestial farms was founded in the spring of 2000 with our goal to learn, heal and grow. We strive to be all inclusive, because of that we teach about compassion, forgiveness as well as empathy.

At the farm you can enjoy our peaceful memorial garden, visit with our animals and hear their stories. Additionally, children can play on one of our many playgrounds, as well as explore our garden areas to entice senses of smell and touch.

Our farm is open to the public Monday through Saturday from 8:30AM to 4:00PM. The Hours to Paint at the Farm may possibly be extended beyond PM

Hemming Park


When: September 13TH & 14TH 8AM – 2PM

Known as Jacksonville’s first and oldest park, dating back to 1866, Hemming Park in the heart of downtown was known as the center of the city for over a century. Today, it’s back with more bustling activity than ever before.

American Beach

September 20TH & September 21ST

8AM – 2PM

Mimi Pearce

American Beach is a historic beach community in northeastern Florida Known to be the first designated beach to African Americans. Situated near Fernandina Beach. North of Jacksonville on Amelia Island in Nassau County.

Historical Established during time of segregation era. Jim Crow era, African Americans were not allowed to swim at most beaches in Jacksonville, and several black-only areas were created. American Beach was the largest and most popular, and was a community established by Abraham Lincoln Lewis, Florida’s first black millionaire and president of the Afro-American Life Insurance Company. It contains American Beach Historic District, a historic district which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.

Bring a picnic lunch and beach umbrella. Perfect location for warm weather. Located near Amelia Island, FL Be prepared for ocean breeze. The Beach does have public bathrooms and is free to the public.

Located close to Plantation Island Shopping Center!

Mayo Clinic

Address: 4203 Belfort Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32216

September: Dates will be announced in the near future.

Enjoy the peaceful and serenity grounds of the Mayo Clinic. Many exquisite gardens to paint. They offer a cafeteria on site. We will announce the parking arrangements and are in the process of working on further details.

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