APRIL Paint Out


We have been invited to paint out at the Mandarin Garden Club

Plant Sale ​Annually Event

2892 Loretto Road,Jacksonville, Jacksonville, Florida 32223
(904) 268-1192


Please Contact Stephen Dunn for more information. The Mandarin Garden Club would like to know how many Artist will be attending this event. There is a sign up sheet currently going on. In the beginning of May Artist will have another opportunity to paint out during an additional plant sale event.

Annual Plant Sale Event.

The Plant Sale is held annually in the spring with the clubhouse packed with beautiful plants donated by garden club members, along with garden magazines, books, crafty garden objects, and yard art for purchase.  In addition, there are lots of delicious baked goods made and/or donated by garden club members for sale in the clubhouse, and various vendors outside on the garden grounds.  The Plant Sale is free and open to the public.


WHEN: April 20TH (Time to be Announced)

This is Nocturnal Paint Out! Be Prepared for painting outside at night! You may need a portable light or special equipment.

WHERE: 2670-7 Rosselle St, Jacksonville, Florida 32204

We finally are able to paint Bold City Brewery. Outside, inside even in to the evening ( just stay off the train tracks).
It’s a ONE DAY only paint out. Hopefully there will be food there but definitely there will be COLD BEER and wine there.
Any further information email me at Stephendunnart@att.net.

Free Degas and Friends Lightner Museum Event – April 2019

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