The World Around Us

We can be found discovering unknown paths, along coastal beaches, painting under palm trees—celebrating our local vistas and historic landmarks that make this our home.  Documenting with oil and acrylic paints, a box of pastels and watercolor brushes we capture quickly changing light in the world around us.




First Coast Plein Air Painters are enthusiastic artists who enjoy discovering new places, having an opportunity to network, grow in their technique and exhibit their work.  

Eve Albrecht
Suzanne Marie Allen
Catherine Anninos
Marilyn Antram
Phyllis Appleby
Barre Barrett
Pamela Bell
Gail Beveridge
Dale Burden
Marlena Callus
Susan Chadwick
Bronwen Chandler
Joseph Charvat
Jessie Cook
Tina Corbett
Debbie Cusick
Lisa Deems
Darlene Deffes
Jeannette Dennis
LuAnn Dunkinson
Stephen Dunn
Randon Eddy

Martha Ferguson
Valarie Forester
Gary Garrett
Karen Gold
Jim Gold
Beatrice Gustafson
Laura Hizer
Dana Fawn Hood
Mark Howard
Mary Hubley
Roselynn Imbleau
Doug Johnson
Tsuneko Kemp
Paul Ladnier

Mary Florence Lee
Patrick Mahoney
Abby Howard Murphy

Christine Olmoguez

Tom Page


Paula Pascucci
Jackie Pfaff-Pratt
Randy Pitts
Elizabeth Quinn-Bolduc
Mary Ann Rosenthal
Tonja Runyon
Susan Schwartz
Laura Schwenn
Alisa Semones
Alice Shinkos
Cheryl Simeone
Leigh Slayden
Mary O Smith
Simone Spade
Lori Ann Sweet
Donna Tate
Susan Townsend
Kathryn Trillas
Carron Wedlund
Bonnie Lou Williams
Cindy Zeigler