Gail Beverage

Paint Outs – Fall 2019

Castaway Island Preserve

San Pablo Rd S, Jacksonville, FL 32224


25TH – 26TH

8AM – 2PM

For nearly 50 years the Castaway Island Preserve has worked to create the largest urban park system in the United States. It acts to protect the most vulnerable of lands in North Florida. The Timucuan trail of public parks is the spawn of these lands.

Earth Works

Nursery & Gardening

November: 8TH & 9TH

8AM – 2PM

12501 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32246

Sawpit Creek Boat Ramp

Gary Garrett


6TH & 7TH 8AM – 2PM

Kingsley Plantation

November 15TH – 18TH 8AM – 2PM

Paul Ladnier

Browman Chandler

December 6TH – 8TH

8AM – 2PM
18TH – 19TH Century Plantation in the Timucuan Ecological and Historical Preserves. You are invited to tour the Homestead and Historical Museum

Big Talbot Island

Sawpit Creek Boat Ramp

December 6TH – 7TH

8AM -2PM

Walter Jones Historical Park

Winter Festival

December 7TH

8AM – 2PM

Events commemorating Pearl Harbor Day and honoring WWII veterans.

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