Brush With Nature

May 15-16, 2021

Entry Form for Brush with Nature Paint out and Art Sales

Online entry deadline May 10, 2021.

Snail Mail entry via paypal deadline postmarked by May 1, 2021.


Members, we need everyone to volunteer and participate to make this a huge success. More information on the event page and on the private Facebook page.  



Members must be in good standing to participate in the event. Brush with Nature is a wonderful opportunity to volunteer with FCPAP by working the show, setting up or taking down.

Submit this form to prepay your per painting entry into the Brush With Nature show. You will then receive an invoice from First Coast Plein Air Painters <>. If you don’t receive an email from Paypal, in 24-48 hours, contact to request help.

If you are not a member, you will be asked to pay membership in addition to paying for your per painting entry fee. 

When you receive the Paypal email you will have several choices on how to pay your entry fee online. After paying online, you will receive another email with your receipt.

If you wish to pay by check through mail, instead of paying online, continue as if you are going to pay online, then print and mail the Paypal invoice along with your check to: 

FCPAP   10700 Beach Blvd., Unit 54735, Jacksonville, FL 32246


FCPAP has sold many paintings at this event. You will be allowed to enter up to 4 paintings at $5 per painting. As your paintings sell you may replace them at no additional costs once the first four are paid for. We will have paint-outs previous to this event. It is highly recommended to go there on your own, so you have several to sell.

In addition to the show, there are opportunities to paint through out the arboretum. It is a public event, there will be spectators, buyers, and both art and nature enthusiasts walking around.

DO NOT hand out your business cards or promote yourself in any way at this event. This is a FCPAP event, you can promote FCPAP. We have brochures you are welcome to pass out.

If someone wants to purchase art off the easel at this event it must go through the sales tent. This event is a fundraiser for the arboretum. The Arboretum will get 40% of each piece sold. 

Art take in is on Friday. Saturday and Sunday is the show and paint out. If you have any questions, please contact us at or 




Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens Botanical Garden 

1445 Millcoe Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32225