Artists of the Month


Patrick Mahoney

Bio: Active painter and long time member First Coast Plein Air Painters, First Coast Pastel Society and Jacksonville Coalition for the Visual Arts. Award winning artist. ​

Patrick Mahoney vita includes proven outstanding plein air artist, restorer/conservator, longevity career in Illustration, and Graphic Artist.

Currently residing in Orange Park, Florida. Educated by University of North Florida. Mr. Mahoney is one of North Florida’s most successful representational artists. Although he is firmly dedicated to the style of realism, his work is consistently infused with subtle undercurrents of emotion.​

Patrick Mahoney

Eve Albrecht

Guana Preserve

Bio: While living and working in Europe, Eve began learning to paint in watercolor; pursuing her international marketing career. Traveling to many European countries and Russia. Eve Albrecht found inspiration through the great master artist work. Eve felt compelled to develop her artistic ability further in order to convey all the beauty and essence of the places she visited. While living in Germany, she attended the “Malinstitut”, “Painting Institute” in Hamburg, Germany,  learning German Fine Art painting techniques where she worked in egg tempera. Eve’s landscape paintings are painted Plein Air (outdoors) and in the studio, returning to her former destinations through creating new paintings from her memories, photographs and sketches. She works in primarily in oil, pastel however, enjoys watercolors and other mediums.

“Blue Jug and Yellow Rose”
“Ballerina at Rest”
Eve Albrecht

Eve Albrecht developed portraiture while observing her two daughters express the joy and wonder of children. Her portraits and figures are created in an contemporary realistic style. The majority of her portraits and figures, Eve prefers oil, pastels and charcoal. It gives her the greatest pleasure to be told that she really “captured” the essence of the person posing.  Her art work is in private collections in the United States as well as in Germany and the U.K..

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