Plein Air Demo. Videos

Gary Garrett Demonstrations:

Desert Mountain landscape painting demo:

Painting demo -Bob Ross Tribute Gesso Landscape:

Friendship Park Paintout – First Coast Plein Air Painters


Lions Club Park – First Coast Plein Air Painters

Channel marker at Little Jetties:

Member Show

Come check out member Kay Deuben’s work at the Mossman Hall in Melrose- 301 SR 26. We ALL will be down there in November so this is also an opportunity to apprise yourself of this wonderful venue and to check out some good spots in Melrose or our “Paint Out” during Art Walk and our reception. Come on Down! March 2 from 6-9pm.


Upcoming Paint Out

I’m so excited by this upcoming Paint Out! The Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens is truly a gem in the area. It is not only one of my favorite places to go, but also one of many of our local artists favorite places to paint. If you are not already a supporter of this great place, you should be. I have literally hundreds of photos from there that are on my list of “Things to Paint”. It is an extraordinary environment. What am I saying!? There are many environments to choose from there. So so varied in their light, plants, and atmosphere.


25×36″ with FCPAP logo in black, adjustable neck strap, ties and pockets. $18 each.

8×10 Sturdy Plastic Sign, rounded corners with FCPAP color logo. $12 each.

AT FCPAP we want observers to know “Who Are We” – Perhaps a new member is just waiting to join this wonderful group of Plein Air Painters but just does not know it yet!  These items will be available at our meetings.  Supplies are limited.  Please bring exact cash/no change available, or check.  Contact for further information.