Unique JAX spot

I look forward to painting with fellow members at this unique spot in Jacksonville. It is like a small town in the midst of a big town/city.

FCPAP paints in Ortega Friday and Saturday, November 17th and 18th.

The area we focusing on is around Cortez Park about a block from Ortega Blvd. Lots of architecture and “small town” feel in this area, especially on Corinthian Avenue. Seminole Park is also just a block away and has waterfront views of the Ortega River. Parking is along the Street, but please be respectful of homes and businesses by not blocking driveways or taking up spaces reserved for patrons.

Directions: Ortega is in West Jacksonville. From the East, take I-95 across the Fuller Warren Bridge until it merges with I-10. Exit left onto Roosevelt Blvd (SR 17). Take Roosevelt Blvd. about 2 miles to San Juan Avenue. Turn left onto San Juan and go over the Ortega Rive via the Ortega Bridge. Once over the bridge, San Juan becomes Grand Ave. Go two blocks and Grand Avenue makes a sharp bend to the right and becomes Ortega Blvd. Travel another 5 or 6 blocks and turn right on Manitou Ave (one block past Corinthian). Manitou runs into Baltic circle and Cortez Park is within Baltic Circle. www.google.com/maps/@30.2769188,-81.7005843,16z

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